Emperor image from the Tarot Illuminati Deck by Erik C. Dunne.

Hello Colorful Creative!

The Emperor is the fourth card of the Major Arcana and a complement to the Empress. He is the card of expansion, commitment, and sovereignty. He is actively involved with his realm with his heart and mind fully engaged. He has gained his wisdom and knowledge over time, and he knows what has worked in the past, and what hasn’t. He emanates passion, power and cultural ideals. He challenges you to strive for your fullest potential. 

Creative Aspect: The Emperor is the defender of culture and creativity. He represents the importance of personal creative vision. This card reminds you to seek your own inner will, determine what holds meaning for you, and apply it to your own creative work. Be dependable and find how your work can be of service to the higher good. When creating, observe and test things out, while documenting your findings for future use. Discover how to take an idea and manifest it into the physical world. Break things down into easily manageable steps. This could involve a story outline if you are a writer, a preliminary sketch if you are an artist, a list of supplies you will need to create your piece, and so on. 

What holds meaning for you when it comes to your creative work?

How can you express that meaning in your work?

How can your creative work help others?

How can you take your creative idea, and break it down into easily manageable steps so you can manifest it into the physical world? What would those steps look like?

Notice the calm demeanor he has as he glances at the globe in his hands. He is able to focus in on the important aspects of the task at hand, therefore removing any confusion or chaos. He thinks logically, and observes the situation as it is without any preconceived notions. He knows how to prioritize aspects of his project to maximize his time and gain the most benefits of the situation.

How can you look at your work as it actually is, without senseless mind chatter?

How would you prioritize the steps to accomplish your project, so you can focus on the most important aspects first?

 The Emperor is the authority in his own life. He knows what he stands for and understands what he holds dear.

What values do you hold, and how can you communicate that in your work?

If you draw this card for your creative process, embrace your own authority, and become the Emperor of your creative self. Look to the knowledge you’ve gained over the years and use it to manifest the highest quality artistic work you can. Use the skills you have developed to implement your vision, even if it’s totally experimental. Picasso said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”.  Implement your project into small achievable steps, and show up for yourself on a regular basis. Schedule time for your creative work weekly. We all get 24 hours in a day, so take charge of your schedule by making the time you need. You have the inner drive and passion to make it happen. When you honor your creative self, you feel calm in the chaos of life. Rule your world.

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