Empress Image from the Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne.


Hello Colorful Creative!

The Empress is the ultimate creativity card! It’s the gestation and birth of something, and it symbolizes an active energy of manifestation. This is the card of the creative process. First an idea is initially formed. Then that idea grows and steps are taken to manifest that concept into the world. This can be a painful process on and off during the growth cycle while the project is developing. Once the creation is finished, it is then birthed into the world and released.

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I’m sure you are well aware, being creative demands a lot. It is a journey, and requires discipline and dedication to achieve what you envision. This card often depicts a woman pregnant with child. There are similarities when you begin a project, as you can become pregnant with possible ideas . The red of the Empress’ skirt reminds us that passion fuels the project’s vitality, and helps it to move forward. The wheat in her hand, as well as the greenery around her, symbolizes the fruits of labor, as well as the profound fertility of the creative mind. The water is there to remind us that connecting to our intuition will also aid us in the creative process.

When you pull this card, it is asking you to intentionally and actively create something. And through dedication, discipline, passion, and determination, you will succeed in bringing it forth.

What creative concept does The Empress inspire in you?

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