Hello Colorful Creative!

This will be the first of many blogs where I explore each card separately in relation to the creative process. I would like to delve deeper into each card of the Tarot and see how each image could aid in the creative journey. This might take me a while since there are 78 cards to ponder, but I think it will make my creative life (and hopefully yours) all the richer for it. I will periodically insert other blog musings on personal development, Tarot, and creativity along the way.

The Fool

The first concept that comes to me when analyzing The Fool card is unlimited possibility. It is a blank canvas. A new beginning. An adventure waiting. That being said, a choice needs to be made. Notice how The Fool is looking in the distance while standing on the precipice of a cliff. He is seeing the big overall picture of that possibility. He needs to make a decision on his next move. All the elements are present (earth, air, fire and water), but he hasn’t figured out how to work with them yet. His tunic represents the green of abundance, renewal, growth and fertility. His sash, sky and sun are yellow indicating energy, happiness, adventure, optimism and inspiration. The blue of the water signifies calm, dedication, and being true to himself. The white rose indicates purity in his will. 

This card is creativity in its purest form. This is the inner child, the ultimate muse. The creative essence of us as Spirit.

This card suggests to me that it’s time to play. In my case, it would be with paint or collage. The Fool says to just jump in and have fun without worrying too much about how I want a work of art to turn out. I need to allow my inner child to explore and not be concerned about making a mistake. This is how I can grow as an artist, by trying new things and approaching my work with a sense of wonder and possibility. This could suggest that I work in a foreign medium, or develop skill and knowledge with my chosen tools. Perhaps this guy is telling me to try a totally different art form altogether!  

This card is one of my favorites because of its potentiality. This is the beginning of a journey. With a journey comes adventure. This is what makes life worth living!

How do you see The Fool in relation to your creative work?

Deck: Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne

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