Deck: Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne


Hello Colorful Creative!

The Hermit card is a powerful archetype of a wise sage alone with his own light in the wilderness. He represents withdrawal from everyday life in order to absorb his experiences into knowledge and wisdom. Once he has attained this understanding, he is able to shine forth this light to help guide others on a similar path. This is the ninth card of the Major Arcana in the RWS deck.

Creative Aspect: Creativity requires not only curiosity and inspiration, it needs moments of quiet reflection. In today’s world of a short attention span, and an overabundance of technology and distraction, it’s important to take the time to nourish the creative soul. The Hermit card reminds us of this. Removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of mundane life to explore creative concepts, helps to reconnect you with your perspectives and values. It allows you to delve more deeply into what holds fascination for you, and lets you explore this without interruption. This is a crucial component in the creative process. We need to be alone in our thoughts to understand why a concept holds our interest, or to confront why we feel compelled to communicate a particular message in our work. 

If you draw The Hermit for creative inspiration, what aspects of this imagery appeal to you? What symbols in the card do you feel drawn to? What do they mean to you? How could you express that in your work?

Perhaps the concept of a person being alone and separated from all that they know is something you are interested in exploring. Maybe you want to contemplate the idea of inner wisdom vs. what has been taught to you by society as an area of focus. Use this card to play with ideas, while embodying the Hermit and finding quiet time for yourself to ponder the possibilities.

The Hermit is a nine value card and it deals with integrating your experience and knowledge to help you move forward on your journey. If you draw this card, it might be time to find a quiet place to connect to your creativity. Your past experiences in life have a lot to teach you. Express the wisdom you have learned from them in your work, and be a guiding light for those who encounter your creations.

Other questions to ponder if you draw The Hermit card:

  1. What environment do I seem to be able to develop my best ideas in and find the most inspiration?
  2. How can I plan my weekly schedule so I can have more quiet time to explore my creativity?
  3. What experiences and knowledge can aid me in expressing concepts in my creative work?

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