Hello Colorful Creative!

The Hierophant is one of those controversial cards in Tarot.  For some, this card may bring back unpleasant memories of a strict religious upbringing, or visions of a controlled culture where personal freedoms are suppressed. Yet some see this card representing a teacher in the position of authority. 

This Pope is the fifth card in the Major Arcana. He represents the established order and historical mysteries that have been handed down through institutions of old. His job is to guide and educate the initiates. He is able to take spiritual information discovered over aeons, and bestow it onto those who seek that knowledge. This is a card of formal institutions, training, and established social norms.

Creative Aspect:  Picasso once said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Artistic endeavors usually require a skill set that develops over time. When an individual wants to learn how to paint, sing, write, sculpt, act or some other form of artistic expression, they seek out someone who has mastered that particular art form to learn from. 

To the untrained eye, it looks like magic when an artist paints a portrait or landscape. One minute it looks like blobs of color on a canvas. As the artist continues, a fully 3-D image emerges seemingly out of nowhere. Like the Hierophant teaching his initiates the spiritual mysteries, a master painter shows his students how to control their materials to create beautiful works of art. It’s the job of the Master to help his pupils learn the wisdom handed down from generations, so they can grow. 

If you draw this card for creative inspiration, it may be suggesting that you need to look for a teacher that can further your development in whatever creative art form you wish to excel at. As a five card, it can suggest that you need to be open to adapting or adjusting something if your project is not turning out the way you had hoped. It reminds you that nothing is permanent, and that the only thing constant is change. This can be a challenging concept for some.

If you are a writer or actor looking for character or story ideas, pulling the Hierophant could represent someone who has a lot of spiritual wisdom learned from an established school of thought. He could be wise and kind, or pompous and cruel. This card can represent an authority figure or a particular societal norm. Look at the card and let your imagination take over. Discover this personality or plot for yourself.

As a dancer, artist, or some other creative, this card could also represent finding spiritual concepts in your work. The Hierophant might encourage a discussion on traditional art vs. outsider art. Or he could suggest that one should strive to become a Master in their own right, and that discipline and effort is needed to achieve this.

Find out what the Hierophant means for you, and let the inspiration flow.

Questions to ponder if you draw the Hierophant:

  1. How can I grow in my knowledge?
  2. Do I know the techniques of my art form well enough that I can experiment, and break the rules? If so, what would that look like?
  3. Is there a spiritual connection to my work? If so, how do I represent this?
  4. How can I most effectively master my art form? 

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