Hello Colorful Creative!

The High Priestess card. One of my favorites! This is the card I drew that helped me overcome my own creative block, and set me on my dedicated path to helping other Creatives using Tarot. This card speaks to me of silence and looking within for answers. Not in the sense where you ask yourself questions and mull around possibilities, but actually sitting in silence and waiting for those answers to be presented to you. 

In today’s climate, it is very challenging to step away from all the hustle and bustle of life, our phones/devices, and other distractions, to reconnect with our spiritual self. I firmly believe that as Spirits, our very nature is creative. I have also come to understand that the best way to connect to our creative selves is through a playful approach. We often block ourselves from our creative nature when we become too serious and stressed out. If we give ourselves the luxury of silence, we can engage our intuition and find the answers we seek.

Let’s look at the image and symbology in this card:

The scroll held in the hands of the High Priestess reminds us that the knowledge is within. Too often we look outside ourselves toward perceived authorities, instead of trusting ourselves and what we know is true for us. We can start by honoring the Creative within.

This card tells us that there is power in silence. If we become still, center ourselves and observe, we can find inspiration everywhere. She also asks that we know ourselves. Who are you as a creative being? What makes you want to create in the first place? 

The High Priestess suggests in her moon symbology, that creativity moves in cycles. There is the waxing moon, where an idea has been conceived and the process of manifesting that idea into the physical world starts to happen. The full moon, where your project is in full force and you are focused on it completely, then finally the waning moon, where you are polishing up different aspects of your creative project, and getting it ready to release to the world.

The water aspects of this card refer to our emotions and intuition. Trusting our gut as we work on our projects, and following our intuitive prompts as we go along. Needing to feel an emotional connection to our work, and wanting the audience to be able to connect to it as well. 

The H.P. card can also prompt us to consider a spiritual theme. What would that look like to you? How would you portray your spiritual ideas in your particular medium? What personal wisdom do you want to express in your work?

This card definitely exhibits female energy. How could you incorporate this energy into your work? What would that look like? What meaning would that hold for you?

It can also mean using what you know in your work. As a writer, this could be sharing knowledge you already possess to help other people in some way. Or it could indicate using a medium that you have mastered in the past to create an art piece in the present.

Her veils suggest adding layers of hidden meaning in your work. How could you incorporate this concept into your art form?

The possibilities of meaning within this card is only limited to your imagination.

This is one of the most powerful images in the Tarot deck. The High Priestess has secrets she wants to tell you. You only have to be still, and listen.

Deck: Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne.

How would you decipher the mysteries of the High Priestess card in the creative process for yourself?

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