Hello Colorful Creative!

The Lovers is one of those cards that no one minds picking out of the deck. It represents union, collaboration, opposites attracting, cooperation and choice. It is the sixth card (The Fool technically has no number) of the Major Arcana. It’s a concept of differing backgrounds coming together for mutual benefit, while still retaining their individual aspects. It’s a meeting at the crossroads to create something bigger than the two separate elements by themselves.

Creative Aspect: The Lovers card can indicate a development of new ideas in the creative process. This image symbolizes an intense attraction to a concept, or visual aspect. Have you ever seen something, heard a melody, or came across an idea that just blew your mind, and fascinated you so much, that you became incredibly interested and excited? That’s what this card represents. This is the energy created through being inspired. You essentially ‘fall in love’. The Lovers can also represent choice and having to decide which creative road to travel on when you come to a crossroads.

If you pick this card for creative inspiration, it can suggest following the path that excites you most. In relation to the concept of opposites attract, what ideas or techniques can you combine together to create a more fascinating creation, while still keeping the original attributes of each element intact? For example, painters learn that they can start a painting in acrylic and finish it with oil paint without issue. However, if the artist tries to paint acrylic over oil, the paint will eventually flake or peel off, and the structure of the work will not be stable. If the artist understands what each medium brings to the table, and knows how to take the best aspect from each one, they can create a harmonious painting that energizes the senses.

The cards with a value of six can indicate habits of behavior and cycles, as well as contentment. The Lovers can suggest knowing what makes you comfortable and happy, and focus on that. Or perhaps this card is suggesting that you mix things up a bit. Entering any new relationship can be a scary unnerving process, albeit an exciting one! If you are an individual that prefers structure in your work, perhaps you would find it interesting to try a more free-flowing approach, and vise-versa. It’s up to you to decide what kind of relationship you want with your creative work.

If you draw The Lovers card, ask yourself what would make you fall in love with your work again. If you are already ‘in love’, what can you do to fall in deeper with your art form? From there, let your heart speak to you. All you have to do is listen.

Questions to ponder if you draw The Lovers card:

  1. What does love mean to you in its creative aspect?
  1. How can you combine opposite concepts or media into your work to create an inspiring energy? What would that look like?
  1. What visuals or ideas have you encountered recently that created an intense feeling of attraction and fascination within you? How can you incorporate that into your own work?

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