Hello Colorful Creative!

If you’re like me, you have a few scars on your creativity muscle. You might even cringe at the “C” word. The thought of engaging your creativity might make you break out in hives! You may think that creativity and you are like oil and water….

I can completely understand why you would want to just blow off the whole thing by saying something like, “I’m not creative” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” 

Well I’m calling you out on your bull-pucky!!!  😉


Some of you just won’t admit it out of fear.

Think back to when you were a child. Remember how you freely drew on paper, or imagined that blankets over chairs was a super cool space fort? You had no qualms about using your creativity, which you had in abundance back then. 

What changed?

I’m going to take a wild guess, and say that some dumb@&! somewhere in your past, broke your little creative heart. You were working really hard on some project or art piece, and you were really proud of it. Then some dum-dum came along, and made some kind of very UNHELPFUL comment that crushed you. From then on, you were scared to try anything creative, because it reminded you of failure and/or rejection.

Am I warm?

So now I have another question for you….

How dare you allow another person to prevent you from experiencing years and years of creative fulfillment, just because some hot gas passed out of their pie hole?!!

Too much?

Sorry. I just get passionate about promoting creativity. No one should be denied the joy of engaging in this process.

So I’m going to ask you to put aside those beliefs that you are not really creative. If you do consider yourself creative, awesome!!! Then I ask you to be supportive and encouraging towards those that are fearful of the creative path.

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Here are a few things you can do to increase and/or reconnect to your creativity:

  • Decide to take action, and then TAKE ACTION! Do you want to learn how to draw? Have you always wanted to write? What can you do RIGHT NOW to start this process? Can you look for a free intro writing class online? How about checking out some of the drawing tutorials on YouTube?  All you need is pencil and paper! The sooner you engage in something creative, the sooner your creativity will open up to you.
  • Surround yourself with creative peeps!  Who do you know that you think is fantastically creative? Hang out with them! Ask how they find inspiration, or what do they do to get into that creative space. Most creatives would love to talk with you about this. If you can’t think of anyone, find someone. Discover groups that focus on whatever form of creativity you are interested in, and become involved.
  • Get curious!  Often times we can rush around in our daily life and develop the habit of not really being AWARE of our surroundings. Look at what is going on around you. Engage your wonder. Why did that guy wear that tie? I wonder why that tree has such a rough bark…..you get the gist.  Often great ideas can stem from observation alone.
  • Learn new things. What have you always wanted to try? Do it! Try out a new dance form. Take up acrylic painting. Enroll in a sewing class. Whatever peaks your interest. 
  • Don’t see failure, see knowledge gained. Look, the reality is, you only truly fail when you stop trying.  Otherwise it’s just bumps on the road. Just realize that you will screw up. You might have a lack of skill right now with what you are trying to accomplish. Or perhaps you just need to adjust some things. Regardless, this is only a temporary situation as long as you keep pushing forward. The only way to achieve what you want, and to become skilled at something, is to be persistent in doing it. Keep drilling it, keep practicing. You focus enough energy on something, you will eventually get good at it. Some people might take longer than others, but that’s okay. Eventually is better than never.
  • Develop focus. I know the struggle is real. I have issues with this myself. I’ve discovered by working on just one thing at a time, I tend to get more done, faster. I know the popular idea is to multi-task, but I’ve found when I do that, I get very little done on a whole bunch of things. I end up not feeling very accomplished. If I stick to one thing and complete it, then move on to another (working quickly if I can), I feel like I am producing something. This in turn, boosts confidence in myself, and I get more projects actually completed.

These are some techniques that you can try to help you get those creative juices flowing.

No one should ever allow anyone to take away their joy of creating. You are a spiritual being whose very essence is to be creative. The first step is to CHOOSE to be creative. The next step is up to YOU!

The adventure continues…..

-Micki  🙂


Photo of painted hands by Amaury Salas.

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