In today’s world this seems like a long forgotten fable. With 24 hour news channels, distractions from technology surrounding us, copious amounts of traffic, and our noses forever in our smart phones, how can we ever experience it?

How can we experience the stillness of silence?

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And why is silence important?

It allows calm. It gives you space to center yourself and allow creative ideas to flow. It helps you to reconnect to the present moment by focusing on the here and now.

Try this:

Find a quiet, beautiful place in nature, and just be in the moment. No distractions. Just be. Listen.

How do you feel? Notice your body’s reaction. Do you notice the stress fading? Do you feel more present in life? More connected to yourself?

Stay in the moment and look into the distance until you feel your internal batteries recharge.

Since we all tend to be set in our busy schedules, how can you make sure to create a time (even if only 10-15 minutes) where you can experience this stillness everyday? Can you get up 15 minutes earlier, and go to a quiet part of your home or in your backyard?

No phone, no books, no distractions. Just you in the silence. Connect to self. Find your peace.

Notice over the next few days, weeks and months, any improvements in your outlook on life, in the flow of creative thoughts, and any decrease in the tension of your physical self.

It is not a natural state to constantly be surrounded by loud noise. Find the stillness within, and without.

Let the adventure continue….





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