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Hello Colorful Creative!

My name is L. Micki H. Moss, and I am passionate about helping you connect to the Creative within!

I believe that you are a Spirit having a human experience, and being creative is a spiritual act.

When you connect to your spiritual side, you connect to the essence of who you truly are. The answers you seek are already within you, but occasionally you need assistance in discovering what they are.

This is where I can help…

I am a Spiritual Life & Creativity Coach that assists you in finding your own solutions. The Tarot acts as a catalyst in this process. You are a unique individual, and one-size does not fit all when it comes to gaining insight. We each have different perceptions and experiences filtered through our belief systems. Because of this, we create our own individual realities. I provide a sacred space for you to be able to connect to yourself and access your own intuition. I use the cards in the coaching process to help you have those “A-Ha!” moments.
You are your own authority in life. I am a guide that helps you discover your personal path.
I look forward to working with you!

Why Tarot?

Why did I decide to coach with Tarot?

I first started playing around with the cards in the 1980’s. At that time, I didn’t know what I was doing. I relied on the little white book that came with the deck to figure out meanings.


 It was much later when I got serious about my studies. I realized what a valuable tool the cards could be for personal insight and development. I was having a major creative block at the time, and I couldn’t figure out what to paint. I wanted my artwork to help others, but I had no idea how.


 I learned the traditional meanings of the cards. I also started to trust the intuitive insights I received from the images. So I put it all to the test and drew a card to help me overcome the block I was having. I got the High Priestess. It told me to look within. When I first gazed at her, I remembered feeling frustration. I HAD been thinking about what I could do in my artwork. I was still stuck! Then this quiet voice of intuition came to me and said…”Be still and LISTEN!” So I figured what the heck! I took a few deep breaths, centered myself, and sat there waiting for the Muse. Within 30 seconds to a minute the answer came. The information started flooding in. I knew what I wanted to paint and how it would help others! I couldn’t believe it!!! I had such a profound experience! I decided right then and there I would dedicate my life to helping other Creatives.

A bit more about me…..

  • I have degrees in Therapeutic and Community Recreation, Painting and Drawing, and have completed graduate work in Arts Education.
  • I am a certified Life Coach.
  • I have served on the Board of one of the oldest non-profit art associations in the State of Colorado for over seven years in different capacities, including two years as its President. This association is home to the oldest continuously running Juried Show in the State of Colorado (74 + years so far).
  • I maintain my own art studio. Being creative is my life’s blood.
  • I have been in the recreation and entertainment industry for 25 + years, this includes National Parks and casinos. In addition, I have served in the position of Activities Director as a Therapeutic Recreational Specialist (NCTRC CTRS Certification) in two healthcare facilities.
  • I have had past experience in other creative modalities such as music, dance, theater, commercials, and coordinating events.


I have learned over the years, just how important creativity is to people’s lives. When an individual engages in the creative process through painting, dancing, writing, or some other form, they experience immense satisfaction and fulfillment. Their inner child comes out to play, and life becomes magical once again!

Let me help you reawaken yours. And don’t worry……the Muse IS within!  😉


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