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What is Tarot?
Tarot is a deck of 78 cards with imagery that has many layered meanings. There are 22 Major Arcana cards that depict larger overall life themes, and 56 Minor Arcana cards (including Court Cards) that deal with personalities and every day situations.
How does Tarot work?

Tarot is a tool for personal insight and information. The reader connects with the energy of the querent, asks the question where insight is needed, and shuffles the cards. The cards are laid out into a spread (usually) with different positions to give each card context. The reader then looks at each card in its position, how each card pertains to the question asked, and notices how the cards interact with each other, etc. The reader also connects to their intuition, and what it tells them about each image in the spread. Tarot has many layered meanings based on these factors.

Readers that use a coaching style, will ask questions for the querent to answer. This allows the querent to have their own cognitions and find answers for themselves, in addition to the information provided by the reader.

What is the best way to ask a question for Tarot?

You get more value from a Tarot Coaching Session if you ask How, What or Why questions. For example,

“What do I need to know about ….?”

“How can I handle _____ situation?”

“Why am I having this creative block?”

Tarot works best with specific questions. Vague questions usually get vague answers.

What is an Insight With Tarot Session?
This is a single coaching session via email, phone, or Zoom video conference that is great for immediate insight. It can assist you in finding solutions, gain information, or discover actions you can take to handle various situations in life. Tarot is used as a guide in this process, with customized spreads, and coaching techniques where needed. We will discuss possibilities and options surrounding your situation, but ultimately in the end, you are the person that decides what is best for your circumstance. An Insight With Tarot Session will help you to become the authority in your own life.
How do I set up a video or phone session with you?
Once you have paid for a service through my shop, go to the Booking Calendar Page located under the Menu heading of “Work With Me”.  Find the name of the service (and appropriate time length) that you purchased, in the appointment booking area. Click on the “See Times” or the “See Details” button if no “See Times” button is shown (It will then open up the time area for different options for that service). Then click the day and time on the schedule that will work for you, and book your session. I will also email you a form (via Google Forms) to fill out and submit, so we can maximize the value of our time together (within 24-48 hours of your purchase).
How can I get the most out of my Tarot coaching sessions?
Have a notebook and pen to write down important insights, ideas or information you get during the reading. Find a quiet space, please remove any distractions, and try to prevent outside interruptions. I also recommend making a cup of your favorite tea or coffee to sip on while we converse!  😉
What if I have to cancel a video or phone session?
Please give me a minimum of 24 hours notice so I can free up my schedule to help others. We can then reschedule for a day and time that works well for both of us.
What if I have follow up questions from a particular coaching session?

Please contact me! 🙂

What is a Creative Muse Session?
This session allows your inner child to come out and play! We will use the Tarot to brainstorm and come up with ideas for your creative work. If you are dealing with a creative block, I will design a custom spread to address this issue and combine it with Creativity Coaching techniques to help you. This session will be directed by your particular needs. When you sign up for a Creative Muse Session, I will email you a form (Google Forms) to fill out for more information on what that need is.  A confidentiality form (nondisclosure agreement) can be provided at your request.
What is Life Empowerment With Tarot?

This type of session package is for individuals who want to go deeper, and take full responsibility in creating the life they want. There are different options depending on your needs. When you purchase a service package, you are committing to three different Tarot sessions. These sessions will be spread out over three consecutive months (once a month). Although there are specific themed coaching packages, you may order a Custom Tarot Coaching Package to use how you will. You can choose to use the custom option for three distinctly different coaching sessions (this gives you $21.00 off the regular Insight With Tarot Session price if you were to order three) if you’d like.

These packages will require time commitments from you. You will be given assignments to complete between appointments. The coaching sessions are only effective if you are willing to do the work. What value you receive out of this coaching experience is up to you, and the effort you put into it.

Please realize that the coaching process can sometimes be confrontational. I treat my clients with the upmost respect and in a loving manner, but I will not coddle you or just tell you what you want to hear. This is a journey of self-discovery. It should only be entered into by those who are really ready for change.

Do you offer refunds?

I maintain the right to offer a refund, and refuse service if I feel I’m not the right coach/reader for you.

Please keep in mind that once a phone or Zoom coaching session/reading is completed, there will be no refunds. You are paying for my time, skill and knowledge. If you order an email reading, once the purchase is completed, no refunds will be given.

I will do my best to correct a situation, or reschedule an appointment as needed. Please be aware that I will not just tell you what you want to hear in order to make you happy. That will not serve your highest good. I will however be respectful, authentic, honest, compassionate, loving, and supportive. I will provide a space for you to express yourself, have cognitions, and develop the personal growth you wish to experience. You are a powerful Spirit whether you realize it or not. I will recognize you as such, and not as a victim of circumstance.

What's the difference between coaching with Tarot and Tarot readings?

I use Tarot for personal insight and development, as well as for the creative process. Tarot can be used as a fortune-telling tool, where an individual might think (mistakenly) that they have no control over a situation. Or feel that they don’t need to take responsibility for their life. In Tarot coaching, I discuss possible meanings of the cards for your situation, and provide my own intuitive insights. But it will mainly be a conversation between us. I will ask relevant questions regarding your situation, so you can think about solutions (with information from the cards) that will help you be empowered in your circumstance. I use the term “coaching with Tarot” to differentiate what I do, from what people commonly think of in regards to a Tarot reading.

What will you NOT do a Tarot coaching session for?

I will not do a Tarot coaching/reading session on legal, medical or financial matters. I am not qualified to do so. If you have any concerns regarding these topics, please seek out an appropriate professional. Sessions involving career insights are fine. Please read my full ethics and policies page here.

I didn't get my intake form! Now what?

When you purchase any kind of session from me, you should receive an intake form (Google Forms) to fill out within 24-48 hours of your order. If you do not receive a form within this time frame, please check your junk or spam folder first. If the form is not there, please contact me and let me know.

Please note: I will need you to fill out this form and submit it prior to our scheduled appointment to maximize our time together. For email readings, I will need the form filled out and submitted prior to completing the email reading. Thank you.

Email Reading Delivery Time

When you purchase an email reading from me, I will send you a form (Google Forms) to fill out and submit. Once the form is submitted, I will deliver the email reading to you within, or prior to, 7 days. I may also email you follow-up questions or suggestions to help clarify your situation, and provide you with the best reading experience possible.

Please note: I am unable to do readings Friday thru Monday due to my other obligations. If you do not fill out and submit the form I send you ASAP, or if you do not respond to any follow up questions I may have, the reading could be delayed, and take longer than 7 days to complete.

What business name shows up on my account when I order your services?

When you order a service from Artistic Tarot, the charges will be from the company Creative Spirit LLC. It will show up as either CREATIVESPI or CREATIVESPIRITLLC. Artistic Tarot is a trade name of this company.

I signed up for your newsletter, but didn't get the subscribed email in my inbox!

Please check your Spam folder first. If the email is not there, then contact me! The majority of people who sign up for my newsletter are receiving the subscribed email and link to the bonus e-booklet without any issue. I need to know if you are one of the very few having problems with not receiving my emails. Thank you. 🙂

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