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Here are links to some of my favorite resources and tools

I will continue to add to this page in the future….

If you are looking for some great Tarot resources, these are a few of my favorites!

Some of my favorite books on Tarot (in no particular order) :

Some of my favorite Tarot decks:

Some of my favorite books on the Creative Process:



Photo Credits:

Home Page:

“Creativity Doesn’t Need Limits” image – The Creative Exchange

Woman on bed with books flying image – Lacie Slezak

Insight With Tarot Sessions page:

Shuffle cards image – Sergi Viladesau

Woman holding cards with child image – Hugues de Buyer-Mimeure

“Your Life Your Way” (detail) image – George Pagan III

Creative Muse Sessions page:

Paint and Brushes image – Andrian Valeanu

Old letters, pen and photos image – Joanna Kosinska

Woman with nose ring (detail) image – Jez Timms

Life Empowerment With Creativity page:

Man looking at waterfall with rainbow image – Jared Erondu

Woman looking at sunset image – Frank McKenna

Child jumping at sunset (detail) image – Austin Schmid

What I do page:

Man holding brush and pen covered in paint image – Alice Achterhof

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