What I Do

I assist spiritually creative people like you, to connect to their inner Muse for guidance, understanding and inspiration. By combining my personal intuitive insights, coaching processes and Tarot, I’ll guide you to find your own understanding and solutions in life.

My Philosophy

I firmly believe that creativity is our birthright. It is who we are spiritually at the core, our true essence. Therefore everyone is a Creative. The inner child that we all possess is the best Muse of all, and intuitively can tell us what we need to know.

My Method

I use Tarot as a tool in the coaching process to help connect you to your inner Creative. All answers you seek are already within you. You are the authority of your own life. I use the cards to assist in guiding you towards gaining the insight you need.

My Mission

My mission is to help you trust your inner knowing, and develop this relationship to its fullest. People often look outside themselves for answers because they don’t trust the knowledge that comes from within. I am here to guide you to connect to your spiritual Muse, so you can artfully and actively create your masterpiece called life.

Insight With Tarot Session

Do you want clarity on a situation you are currently experiencing? Do you need insight into your relationship? Are you looking for direction in your purpose? If you're searching for understanding about an area in your life, an Insight With Tarot Session is a great place to start. I will help you to connect to your inner creative, and find solutions!

Creative Muse Session

Come out! Come out! Wherever you are!!!  Are you a writer needing inspiration for characters or storylines? Or a choreographer trying to find the Muse of Dance for ideas? Maybe you’re an artist trying to figure out your next masterpiece? Perhaps you are experiencing a creative block of major proportions? Whatever your artistic need, the Muse Session is here to help! It’s time to bring out your inner child (the BEST Muse of all!) with Tarot. Let the fun begin!

Life Empowerment With Creativity

Coming in the Future!

Are you ready to become empowered as a creative individual? This in-depth Tarot coaching package will help you identify your limiting beliefs and establish your core values. Discover your purpose in life (The Big Why!), and define personal goals. Delve deeper into your creative process. Develop determination, and start living with intention! You are a powerful spirit. It's time to grab the reins of your Chariot. Experience the adventure of life!

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