Creative Muse Session

A Creative Muse Session is where we invite your inner child to come out and play! If you are a writer needing ideas for story lines or character development, the Tarot is the perfect tool! This process can also help you as a painter, photographer, choreographer, poet, or any other form your creative inclinations take. The cards can assist you in stirring that imaginative cauldron to produce a concoction of infinite possibility.

If you are an individual that is experiencing a creative block, I will design a custom spread for you to address those areas where you need assistance. I will also use creativity coaching processes to help get those creative juices flowing again. If you feel unmotivated or fearful towards your creative life, a Muse session can allow you the space to explore those issues.

Service Features

Safe Space

I will provide a supportive, encouraging and loving environment for you to connect to your inner Muse.



I will create spreads during the session that cater to your specific creative needs. We will explore concepts and ideas around these areas of interest.


What if?

The most important aspect of this session is your curiosity. During our time together we will create a space of possibility.



For this process you will want to have a pen, notebook or sketchpad to capture the ideas and information you glean from your inner Muse. Now…. let the discovery (and fun) begin!

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