Life Empowerment with Creativity

Coming In The Future!

Deep down you know life could be so much more. You feel the untapped potential within. You are ready to take responsibility for life, and reclaim your power as a spiritual being. Together we will venture into the terra incognita (unknown territory) of CREATIVE YOU with the help of Tarot.

I will provide a sacred space for you to delve deep, and discover what lies beneath. We will work together to create custom spreads that cater to your needs. I will use coaching techniques and supplemental materials to help you discover aspects of your creative self. You will gain knowledge and develop skills that put you in the driver’s seat of your life. It’s time to become empowered!

If your goal is to generate infinite ideas for your creative work, I will teach you how to use the cards. You will become a creative powerhouse!

Service Features

Coaching Process

Our sessions together will be a co-creation. We will have a two-way conversation where we look at your needs and develop a plan of action. I will ask questions that will require you to think. I only ask that you be open to the experience, and answer honestly. I will be respectful, open and honest with you. The coaching process can sometimes be confrontational, but I promise to be kind and compassionate.


See For Yourself

The main purpose of these sessions is to get you to LOOK. To see what is actually going on in areas of your creative life where you feel stuck or stagnant. When you are completely truthful about these aspects, you are able to move forward. My goal as a coach is to help you get where you are NOW, to where you want to BE. The power is in your hands.

Dig Deep

I will suggest activities to try, worksheets to complete, journal prompts to reflect on, or a combination of these. It is to your benefit to complete these assignments between sessions to maximize your personal development and experience in this process.

Do The Work

Change comes from within, and only if you really want it. I can guide you, ask reflective questions, suggest activities to assist in this process, but YOU have to do the actual work. Please seriously consider if you are ready to commit to this process before signing up. If you are unsure (and that’s okay!), you may want to start with an Insight With Tarot session first.

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