Hello Colorful Creative!

PLAY. I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot lately. How would  my experience change in the studio, if I stopped being concerned about an end result? What if I just stopped worrying about wanting paintings to turn out a certain way, and just experimented and explored with a playful attitude? What would that do? What if I wasn’t bothered by how many works I completed, and just focused on showing up for myself on a regular basis? 

This pondering came about because I found myself making excuses regarding time, or rather the lack of it. Yes, it’s true I have a lot on my plate, and it’s been a struggle to try and fit everything in that I need to do. But if connecting to my creativity is so important to me, why was I not making it a high priority and getting into the studio more? Why was I filling my days with errands and chores instead? 

Fear. I think that’s it. Fear of getting stuck not knowing what to do next in my work. Fear of falling flat on my face and not producing a quality product. Fear of not being able to create paintings that hold my interest throughout the process, but at the same time, appeal to a large enough audience. 

Fear can isolate. Fear can freeze action. Fear is not fun to confront, so it’s easier to avoid it. I think this is what has been keeping me away from creating.

So, what to do about it?

Not creating wasn’t an option. I have wasted too much time over the years being distracted by lesser things, when I could have been painting.

I’m calling myself out on my bullsh@$! Enough! I had to figure out a way to address this issue, so I would maximize my creative time, and overcome my hesitation. I decided to change my perception on the whole matter altogether.

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This is where play comes in. If I look at my time in the studio as a chance to play, it doesn’t matter if I mess up. Play allows freedom. Play is not serious. Play allows experimentation. Play allows unlimited possibility. Play allows the opportunity to just be in the moment. 

So I’ve decided to take a year. I’m not going to stress about trying to get a certain amount of paintings done. I’m going to follow where my curiosity leads me, and just PLAY.

As soon as I made this decision, something changed within me. I no longer avoid the studio. I’m eager to get to work. I get up waaaay too early (before Mr. Sun) in order to have more time to paint. This still allows me the time I need to complete other obligations. I feel excited about possibility. The stressful pressure is gone. I’m just here to have fun. So………. wheeeee!

The adventure continues….


Journal Prompt: How can you make an important area of your life more fun?

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